Visualizing Georgia’s energy data

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  • The only comprehensive and current source for Georgia energy data
  • Unique perspectives gained through visual analytics



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Explore total energy, electricity, environmental and solar trends through interactive charts and tables. View charts by category and timeframe. Filter tables by category and search term.


Nonprofit - University Partnership

Southface developed Georgia Energy Data in partnership with Georgia State University's Geospatial Laboratory. The website is now soley managed by Southface.

Original Analyses

Southface links disparate data from multiple sources and presents it in one place. Georgia Energy Data provides the only comprehensive and detailed solar dataset available for the state of Georgia.

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Innovative Solutions

Georgia Energy Data delivers unique maps, charts and tables allowing users to easily understand Georgia’s energy consumption, electricity generation and solar assets.



Electricity Production Data Set

Southface compiles this database of electricity production from the following sources:

Solar Data Set

Southface compiles this database of solar installations from public sources, including:

  • GEFA – most installations between 2008 and 2012 have been recorded at GEFA because the installations involved either a state tax credit or funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Energy for America Program
  • Utility sources, solar installers and local nonprofits
  • Industry publications, press releases, news articles and installer websites

Given these disparate sources of information, Southface cannot ensure absolute completeness. However, based on feedback received, Southface's solar database contains the majority of solar installations in Georgia and fairly represents the rapid progress that the Georgia solar industry has made in recent years. The database only includes active installations that are currently providing power. New installations are added regularly.

Southface works with GEFA, installers and building owners to ensure data integrity. To provide information regarding an installation, click the “Report an error” link that appears in each installation’s information box. To provide information on a new installation or one not on the Solar Map please use this form.